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  • 5 Reasons That Make Handcrafted Jewellery Extra Special

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    Handcrafted jewellery are masterpieces designed with love and passion. It’s not  just something that you wear just for fashion’s sake. It’s something you wear because of what it represents.


    With the rise of websites that promote handcrafted items like accessories, we get to so see the products created through ingenuity by artisans and makers. What makes handcrafted jewellery special? Listed below are the 7 reasons why:

    Specially Crafted and Not Mass Produced

    Whether it’s statement necklaces, drop earrings, or cufflinks, handmade means literally just that. Each piece is made by the “hands” of the maker. Every bits and pieces of that jewellery were crafted through the expertise of the artisan.

    No machines are involved in the production. When you buy a handmade jewellery, you are paying for the skill and time of the artist. From its design conception down to its production, every process it went through is part of what you’re paying for.

    Value of Materials

    In almost every jewellery, the value of its materials are of high-quality. Unlike mass produced pieces, the materials of the handmade jewellery are generally sourced from reputable suppliers. Every material are selected with care from its color to quality and other details.

    Ethical and Sustainable

    Most jewellery designers, source their materials from ethically sourced suppliers. This process helps support the local economy and in turn promote sustainability.


    With small scale production, it is mostly guaranteed that it is made of higher quality. Artisans are able to facilitate the production from start to finish. This is the reason why the makers are proud of the products they design. They take pride in every piece they created because they are sure that it matches their standard.


    No two pieces are exactly identical when you buy handcrafted jewellery. Even if they come from one collection, each jewellery piece will have its unique look. Every designer has a special way of creating each piece of jewellery. Owning a handcrafted jewellery is like owning a piece of artwork.

    Investing in a piece of handmade jewellery is special. When jewelry is made by hand, there are always slight differences and alterations in the designs which makes them unique from each other.

    Whether it’s a bracelet, necklace, earrings or other jewellery pieces, “handmade” is a congruence of all of the reasons mentioned above. It’s not just about the artist and the product. It is about talent, artistry, craftsmanship, quality and community.

    The next time you consider purchasing a handmade piece, remember that it is an investment. You are not only supporting the artist and her business, you are supporting something bigger. This will give you a feeling of fulfillment knowing that you took part of something special.