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  • These Jewellery Pieces Will Make Up Your Ultimate Capsule Collection

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    Melissa Lo

    Small in actual size yet not too easy to overlook – Jewellery. After all, a beautiful pair of earrings or statement ring can make a lot of difference when it comes to transforming your outfit.

    Every girl (well, most girls) usually have a collection of jewellery. Be it small or a unique collection of off-beat pieces. But if you’re one of the few who is just getting started in curating a capsule collection, here are some pieces that you should shop first.

    Pearl Earrings

    Big or small, faux or real, pearl earrings are perfect for everyday look. It’s simple yet it adds a classy touch. Go for a design that will fit your personality and style.

    Gold Hoops

    Just like the classy pearl earrings, a pair of gold hoops definitely deserves a spot on your capsule jewellery collection. They bring a more casual vibe, but they are equally chic and statement-making. Remember the catchphrase: “The bigger the hoop…”, do take note of it when it comes to the size.

    Pendant Chain

    Always a must-have for every collection, the pendant chain is a versatile piece that you can easily mix and match. Be it a long chain or short, you can easily add different pendants according to the style you’re going for.

    Statement Bracelet

    You can’t miss the bracelet in your collection. It’s something that will define your look especially if you go for the statement pieces. For a more sophisticated style, go for bejewelled bangles. You can stack them up as many or as few as you want.


    Rings, emphasis on the ‘s’. Plural and that certainly mean that you need more than just one ring. If you want to keep your style a bit low-key, wearing two rings is the way to go. Wear a minimalist piece on the other hand and a different style on the other.